Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

What wedding vendors should you tip and how much

Wedding budget advice from Love Wedding PlanningWho should I tip and how much is a question that we often get asked. Our answer always begins with a reminder that tipping should always be about a job well done. Consider this basic premise when allocating dollars for tips, and increase or decrease from the following guidelines based on the service provided. …Continue Reading

Five Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping for Their Wedding Gown

Wedding gown shopping advice from Love Wedding PlanningMany brides consider shopping for their wedding gown the most fun part of planning their wedding. Steer clear of these mistakes and you’ll have just as much fun as you imagined. …Continue Reading

Wedding Programs – Things to Know

Fun and whimsy wedding program fan

Fun and whimsy! Wedding Program Fan

Brides often ask what they should include in their wedding programs and some ask if they even need them. Wedding programs are never considered a necessity. If you’re having a small intimate family only affair, perhaps you don’t need one. But if you’re having a large affair, having a wedding program is a thoughtful way to help your guests follow your ceremony. …Continue Reading

The Wedding Weekend

Wedding Weekend ItineraryIf your family is spread all across the country, a wedding weekend is ideal for you.

Guests who will have to travel a long distance to be with you on your big day will want to spend time with you and your groom, and celebrating your wedding over a weekend will make it worth their while and give you time to truly spend with those close to you that you don’t get to see often.

When the wedding is planned for an entire weekend, there is more incentive for your guests to travel longer distances to attend. Your wedding becomes a driving force behind a family reunion or a memorable gathering. …Continue Reading

Your Wedding Story

Your Love Story - Love Wedding PlanningSome of the most memorable weddings are those that tell a story – a story about the couple themselves, their families, their friends, and their memories. They tell those stories through the themes of their weddings and make the stories come alive through the colors they choose, the venues they pick, and the myriad of details they put into place. Our consultants have the experience and creativity to help you tell your wedding story in a special and memorable way. …Continue Reading

Selecting Your Wedding Gown

Selecting Your Wedding Gown advice from Love Wedding PlanningNo wedding related task is more important to the majority of brides than selecting their wedding gown. More time and emotion is invested in its selection than any other part of the celebration. Because of its importance – both as an indicator of the degree of formality planned and also as an indicator of how the bride sees herself on her special day, its selection is very important. And just as important is where it’s purchased. …Continue Reading

Your Wedding Budget

Wedding budget advice from Love Wedding PlanningOne of the biggest mistakes brides make when they’re ready to begin planning their wedding is not creating a realistic wedding budget. I know, you’d rather be thinking about cake flavors, or choosing a color for the bridesmaids’ dresses. And if you’re like me, you watch all those wedding shows on television and fall in love with all those expensive over-the-top wedding ideas. But unless you have a fairy godmother with a magic wand to make them all appear, you really have to set up a wedding budget that will suit your tastes…and wallet! …Continue Reading

Ways to Avoid Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding stress prevention tips from Love Wedding PlanningYou’re excited about planning your wedding, but as plans ramp up and your main focus is THE WEDDING, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out. To avoid wedding planning stress and keep the process flowing and your planning more joyful, we advise our brides to do the following:

Make realistic plans at the start. While you might dream of a celebrity style wedding, be realistic. This is accomplished by looking at who you are as a couple, how much time you have to plan, and how much money you’ll have to spend on this wedding. …Continue Reading

Confirming Details With Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding DetailsIt may seem as though your wedding planning efforts have consumed your waking hours for months and it’s probably true. As the final weeks before your wedding day approach, now is the time to hold pre-event meetings with your wedding vendors to confirm the details. It is what our professional planners do and you should as well. …Continue Reading

Wedding Day Assistance

Happy bride and groomIt’s your Big Day! The day you’ve been dreaming of for so long is finally here! And you should be enjoying every moment of this magical day, not running around with a to-do list. Unless you’ve hired a professional wedding planner to help you with all of the details of your wedding, you really should consider accepting wedding day assistance from those friends and family who offer to help you. …Continue Reading